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■ Maintenance solid deadline:

DOA: Besides the natural disaster or the human factor create the breakdown, the customer receives goods within 30 days, has the following conditions, the permission replacement new product.
A. screen picture is unable normally to demonstrate;
B. can't normally open the power source;
C. product constructs malfunction;

RMA: Guarantees in the solid time within 1 year, creates the breakdown besides the natural disaster or the human factor, the customer enjoys free service of GHAIK.

■ Guarantees the solid scope:

GHAIK sale LCD, touch screen, A/D board, inverter is guarantees the solid scope, but does not contain gift.

■ Authorized number:

A: Before the customer send back the goods to GHAIK for service or to exchange goods, must apply authoization number from Ghaik. GHAIK can reply customer within 1 work day. If we receive the goods non- authorization number indication in the outside wrapping box, this goods is returned.
B. if we receive the goods, contain something that is without authorization and will be returned.

■ Guarantees the solid service:

GHAIK to guarantees in the solid time the product, is responsible for the free service and undertakes all replacements material cost, but guaranteed the solidtime still for the most primitive deadline.
A: GHAIK does not provide the substitute temporarily to use to the customer.
B: the OEM/ODM product does not belong to there placement new product to guarantee in the solid scope.
C: GHAIK does not have the duty to accept because under the customer the wrong order form returned goods.

■ Paid service:
●The following situation, the product service belongs to the paid service.
A. surpasses guarantees the solid time.
B. The natural disaster creates damage.
C. has not deferred to the damage which the product instruction book let operation creates.
D. pastes again, forge, tears GHAIK to guarantee the solid bar code (brittle) or the modification bar code (brittle) to cannot recognize Maintenance solid deadline.
E. goods Transmission repair when has not provided enough, the properly packing,creates the damage.
● Carries on before the paid service, GHAIK can appraise each product the lowest expense cost and the examination expense, and will service Appraises the price list provides to the customer, after will obtain the customer to agree also to return signs Appraises the price list, GHAIK only then will be able to carry on the service work.

■ Response time:
A. DOA: After GHAIK receives the customer to return goods, in 5 work days complete there placement new product work.
B. RMA: Guarantees in the solid time the product service, regards the damage situation and the service difficulty degree, the maintenance time is a 15~20 work days.
C. paid service: The maintenance time is a 18~25 work days.

■ Transport expense payment:
A. DOA: GHAIK undertakes exchanges goods round-trip all transport expense.
B. RMA: The customer undertakes the goods to return toGHAIK unilaterally the transport expense, GHAIK undertakes the goods to return the customer unilaterally the transport expense.
C. paid service: The customer undertakes goods round-trip all transport expense.

■ Transport mode:

GHAIK returns the customer goods generally by the road freight transportation primarily, the peculiar circumstance to quickly transports, aerial transport processing after the service and the customer communication.

■ The transportation sues for damages:
A. if GHAIK receives the goods are the damage, can inform your firm immediately, and asks your firm to contact the transport company to carry on the damage the inspection and sues for damages. When the
B. customer receives the goods, please first inspect the outward appearance, if has the damage please to inform the cargo toship the person and please it instantly to inspect the damage situation, simultaneously will damage the situation to fill in signsin the receipt, and will inform GHAIK, GHAIK to the transport company to propose immediately will sue for damages.

■ Exempts the responsibility to state that:

The GHAIK photo electricity product,did not suggest the use includes the ammonia water or the ethylalcohol class clean solvent, is clean either cleans the liquid crystal surface the mirror surface (glass surface) or outside Shell. To from this the damage which will create, GHAIK does not undertake anyresponsibility.

■ Matters needing attention:

This service rule finally explained the power turns over to GHAIK all right, this company is authorized to revises this rule as necessary, please register the consult.
B. service time: Monday to Friday, AM8:30~PM18:00; Phone no.: 0755-21630010.

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