CCTV Monitor


CCTV Monitor

We offer a range of security grade displays to monitor your video security cameras, including color LCD monitors and public view security monitors, which come in a variety of dimensions to best suit your application. In order to maximize the performance and output of your video security system, most professionals recommend investing in a CCTV monitor or security LCD monitor that is equal or better quality than your video surveillance cameras. We also offer portable monitors and test monitors which are ideal for a range of mobile video uses such as in-car surveillance systems, camera setups, remote camera testing, or video monitoring.

CCTV Monitor Solution


* Resistive, SAW, Capacitive, IR are optional.
* Wide voltage power supply.
* Anti-dusty & interference, explosion-proof.
* IP65 structure design.
* Supports VGA,DVI,HDMI, BNC input

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