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OEM / ODM Business

Ghaik Technolog Co., LTD Provide personalized hardware design and production based on touch screen of related products.

Ghaik Technology Co.,LTD in their respective fields of science and technology brings together the technical experts and experienced r&d engineers, has the independent production facilities and seamless connection quality control system.

Ghaik Technology  Co., LTD have the ability to provide OEM/ODM original design and circuit board design and packaging, fully integrated supply chain management, according to the list customization, in configuration customization, total assembly, raw materials management, production value, logistics services and after-sales service. Ghaik technology co.,LTD has successful with the world industry renowned and leading companies of the fields such as Industrial LCD Monitor,Open Frame Monitor ,Panel PC, CCTV Monitor and Touch Screen on the OEM/ODM business In the past few years. We will concentrate on the energy use in the product research and development and service advantages in OEM/ODM business areas to help the clients to realize the three goals: fight for more profit, reduce costs and improve quality. At the same time except for customers of new product design and manufacturing production outside, giant sea in science and technology can also provided based on standard products based on the modified to meet different levels of customization demand. We will appoint a customer manager responsible for the integration company internal resources, including research and development, manufacturing, quality management and after-sales service as contact the OEM/ODM customer's window, through the window, our OEM/ODM customer will enjoy customized specialized service.

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