Self-service Kiosk


Self-service Kiosk

For Kiosk, low cost is the key requirement of Kiosk industry. It has more volumes needed and no need to keep 24 hours’ working as the ATM. It’s generally powered off in night. A commercial grade touch monitor is a better choice for kiosk’s application.  Ghaik have developed the LCD monitors with touch from 6.5" to 55", which are easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, they have very competitive low cost but still stable working condition. Sunlight readable is optional for outdoor kiosks. They can work continuously and steadily, even in the dusty and more rigid outdoor environment.

interactive information kiosk display solution


* SAW, SCT, PCT, Resistive, IR touch optional.
* Wide temperature, operation temperature -20℃~80℃ optional.
* Low power consumption, high efficiency, Lifetime 30000 hours.
* Cost efficient, easy to install.

Kiosk inside

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