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Casino & Gaming

For gaming machines or slot machine, it needs more combining advanced touch screen type to meet consumers' requirement. The gaming consumers may do anything when they are playing games like smoking, drinking, fighting, etc. Hence, the touch screen should be vandal proof, water proof and dust proof. Ghaik has developed open frame touch monitors from 6.5” to 42" to meet special requirements of rugged touch screens with water proof & dust proof, longer lifetime, high image quality, and so on.


Gaming monitors with a choice of touch technology

• Sizes from 12 to 42 inch in open-frame gaming design (from 7 to 70 inch in other form factors)
• Touchscreen components in sizes from 6 to 46 inch in various technologies and aspect ratios
• Standard and wide screen formats
• From single touch to over 10 touch points
• True flat glass edge-to-edge designs or precision mini-bezel with splash-proof seal
• Anti-vandal versions passing ball drop test
• Long lasting product cycles
• Multiple panel options to support wide viewing angle needs
• Future panel improvements phased in without external changes
• Custom solutions where standard product does not offer a perfect fi
• Touch and non-touch bundles with the same design and matching image quality

Casino touch display solution

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